The Best Barbershops in Washington DC: Where to Get the Perfect Haircut

Discover some of the best barbershops in Washington DC offering precision cuts, color treatments, moustache & beard trimming & more!

The Best Barbershops in Washington DC: Where to Get the Perfect Haircut

Located in Washington, D. C., Scott has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and specializes in precision cuts and hairstyles for any type of hair. Some of the barbershop's services include scissor cuts, tapered cuts, and color treatments. Moustache and beard trimming is also available.

Jon Scott Cuts also offers haircuts for children. Watergate Cuts is a place where you can get your hair and beard done not only to look but also to feel better. When you go to wash your hair with shampoo, your type and needs will be taken into account. If you have children and are looking for the best barber in DC for them, don't hesitate to take them to Watergate Cuts.

If you have decided to change your appearance by getting a new haircut, you should entrust the task to 1st Street Haircut. They're one of the best barbershops in Washington, so booking an appointment with them is always a good idea no matter what grooming service you need. It can be a little difficult to find a barber shop that Washington has to offer haircuts for one- or two-year-olds. But 1st Street Haircut is an exception. They're literally the best at it.

Barbers know how to treat children so that they don't feel scared or too stressed. In addition, the seats at the DC barber shop are shaped like a car so that the visits of the little ones are as fun as possible. Cuts by Hugo has been on the market for more than five years and has earned a reputation as one of the best barbershops in Washington, DC. Their key to success lies in finding the middle ground between offering the best haircuts for men in DC by the most experienced barbers and competitive prices for their services. The atmosphere of Cuts by Hugo is very authentic and immersive. So, if you want to live a true barbershop experience, this is the way to go.

To save some money, combined services are offered and free Wi-Fi is a big plus for all the benefits offered by Cuts by Hugo. Lee's Barbershop offers everything you'd expect from the best barbershop in Washington DC and even more. Platinum Barber Services offers a range of hair care solutions to clients in Washington DC and the surrounding area. Barber of Hell's Bottom is a team of twelve highly professional barbers who specialize in the haircut and facial hair style of all existing men. In addition, you will be offered an individual hairdressing studio in a picturesque building of the Urban Land Institute so that no one can distract you from the session or disturb your privacy.

Not only do its many clients consider it the best barbershop in Washington DC, but it has also been included in multiple lists of the best American barbershops. They have one of the best barbers in DC and their services are superior, so you're very likely to become a loyal customer. This isn't a normal barber shop, but a hairdressing center where you can get the most modern haircuts, treatments with hot towels, seven-step facial shaves, beard and neck trimming, highlights and camouflage for your hair and many more services. Lady Clipper Barber Shop is a full-service barber shop that provides haircuts to people in Washington, D. It is a leading barbershop in Washington DC with the most loyal customer base, which is expanding day by day.

If you need a fresh haircut, a fit hairstyle, or a mix of gray hair, Bearded Goat Barber Washington DC is the perfect place for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to find Washington barbers who would agree to touch up just your hair instead of cutting your head off completely. Bishops Haircuts — Hair Color is a modern style barbershop with the most professional barbers in Washington DC. The services provided by Wise Owl Club surpass most other barbershops in Washington DC in many ways.